Here are a few of our favourite things to do when we’re on the island.

Big Blue Collective: Book a charter with Big Blue. Grace Shore Villas owns a 30ft Worldcat named "Gracie". Our guests get a discount. Arrange with Kim to book your charter.

Kayak Tours with Turks Aqua: Book a great experience kayaking in the mangroves.

Wake to Wake: Wakeboarding lessons. Often involves swimming with dolphins!

Panoply Sport Fishing & Charters is a ton of fun if you’re looking for some time out on the water chasing after the big sportfish. They know where the good spots are, and they’ll take you through the whole process, from fishing to filleting and packaging up your catch once you’re on shore. You can even do overnight fishing charters! We also respect this company’s commitment to the sustainability of sensitive species through a partnership with The Billfish Foundation.

Provo Golf Club is a relaxing, green oasis set amid Provo’s flora and fauna. As you make your way through the course’s 18 holes, you’ll see natural limestone outcroppings, native brush, and inland lakes. Also, expect to see flamingos, pelicans, and the island’s native herons. Provo is considered one of the most challenging courses in the Caribbean, so if you golf, you’ll definitely have to book a round or two.

You can’t miss the chance to dive into the blue waters and witness the amazing aquatic life around Providenciales. We trust Flamingo Divers TCI as a source for lessons, outings, and for knowing where the most magnificent reefs and wildlife can be found. They’ve got classes for any diver, from beginners to experts looking for a challenge.

If you want to get extra-relaxed, we love Spa Tropique. They offer the full spectrum of massages and personal pampering, and a whole lot of add-ons so you can craft your perfect experience. They’re just a short walk from our estate, so you can start your day at home, take a walk along the beach, and spend the afternoon working out your kinks while overlooking the water.

If you go to the very eastern tip of the island and the community of Leeward, you can find Blue Haven Marina. There’s a lot to do there, including paddleboard and Sea-Doo rentals, fishing trips, and a great restaurant for dinner and drinks!