A November to Remember!

With the year moving deeper into the Fall and the holidays approaching, we’re happy to make an announcement. Grace Shore Villas is back open, and as of today, guests are returning to our little paradise! We’re typically closed for September each year for maintenance, and we extended this annual closure for all of October to make way for some additional renovations. Stay tuned on that front, because we’ve got some exciting news on its way…We have guests arriving as we speak, and we’re looking forward to a fun, sunny, and bustling holiday season.

Grace Shore Villas_Pool 03_preview

So what have we been up to over the past couple of months?We’ve been very busy with assisting the broader relief efforts in the community, on top of an existing construction project within our estate. We appreciate your patience with us as we’ve been working so hard the last two months. As for Irma and Maria, we were extraordinarily fortunate: no flooding, structural damage, or roof leaks! We built our villas to robust standards over the last seven years, so we’ve been in great shape under the circumstances. One of the benefits of an inland location is that we’re quite safe from storm surges or any other ocean-related damage.

With respect to the larger community of Turks and Caicos, each island was uniquely impacted by the storms. But our island of Providenciales did very well, with minimal damage to buildings and infrastructure. Although we’re fully powered, right now the biggest priority is restoring electricity to absolutely everyone on Provo. All things considered, our community of Grace Bay is exceptionally fortunate. The town is totally back up and running, and all the restaurants and resorts are ready to serve. Your vacation with us will be just as fun and relaxing as it was before the season’s storms!

Walk onto beach

Every time we close the villas, we just can’t wait for guests to come back to us. Now that it’s time to re-open, we couldn’t be more excited!To get started on your visit, give us a call at 1-888-589-6765 or visit our booking page. If you have any questions about a reservation you’ve already booked, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Just shoot us an email at info@graceshorevillas.com.

We can’t wait to show you an amazing, relaxing time!