New Villas for New Adventures

We’ve got an exciting announcement! To give our guests even more options, we’ve added two new suites to the villas. Introducing the Passionflower and Sageflower Suites!

The Passionflower Suite gets its name from one of the most beautiful and elaborate flowers found in Turks and Caicos. It has one bedroom and one bathroom, and you’ll be sleeping on a beautiful king-size bed. You’ll find the Passionflower Suite on the west side of the estate.

The Sageflower Suite is named for the beautiful local sages that grow all across the islands, especially the black sage that can be found in secluded, rugged, beautiful places. This suite is also located on the west side of the estate. It’s got one spacious bedroom featuring a king-size bed, and one bathroom.

Now it’s even easier for you to come spend some time with us. If you’re travelling as a couple, there are now a total of three suites that give you the perfect seclusion for two. The smaller scale of these suites also means you’re getting great value if you’d like a more compact space for your vacation. And, of course, you’ve still got access to our lush courtyard complete with pools, barbecues, and lots of space to spread out on a patio lounger in the shade.

You can check out the new suites and all of our villas right here. Get started on your visit with us by giving us a call at 1-888-589-6765.