One of the best things about Providenciales is that it’s situated not far from some other amazing places to see. You can book excursions with some of our favourite vendors to see what’s just across the water.

Island Vibes provides all kinds of excursions, but our favourite is to head over to Iguana Island and snorkel for fresh conch. The day starts in the morning, and you head over to the snorkeling grounds where you can look around and pick these huge mollusks right out of the ocean. Most people know them for their iconic shell, but they’re also great eating. The day culminates in a barbecue featuring the day’s harvest. It’s an amazing experience!

For something a little more on the classic side, you can go with Sail Provo. They offer relaxing catamaran voyages with drinks and a snack-lunch. You can go snorkeling or just relax on the deck and feel the motion of the waves in the sun. They also do private charters and even weddings!